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My day at the zoo

So I went to the zoo today and took a few photos:

IMG_7000 IMG_6919 IMG_6965

It was awesome. (More visual stimulation on Flickr.)

One gripe and one problem:

(Gripe) People kept getting right up next to some of the animals and firing off flashbulbs in their faces — I’m no animal rights activist (I do love the zoo) but this just seemed unnecessary.

(Problem) I don’t have the greatest camera in the world (Canon PowerShot A60) and it was tough to get good shots. The animals seemed really close at times, but appeared dozens of feet away in some of my shots. It was a little frustrating. If anyone has any suggestions (other than “buy a new camera,” which I’m working on) I’d love to hear them.

In other news, welcome to my blog.

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