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Crazy ideas — the best part about my job

Note: This is a re-post from my other blog on Wired Journalists. I’m posting it here because it relates to my job with Sound Publishing and pnwlocalnews.com, which aggregates content from our network of Puget Sound community newspapers.

I hit the one year mark the other day (Nov. 27) — six months as a reporter and six as a Web editor (which is my current job) — and I feel really lucky to be able to say that I love my job. What makes it so great? Two words:

Crazy ideas.

We work really hard at my office. We have to — there’s a lot of news that needs to be reported. But during our spurts of free time each week, we end up having a lot of conversations about our sites that start out with, “You know what would be awesome…?”

The ideas we come up with aren’t always implemented right away, or at all, but if it takes us 10, even 20 ideas to come up with one good one we can use, that’s great.

I’m young and green and I’m not going to make any statements like “journalism needs this to survive,” but I’ve been in enough newsrooms to know that ideas often get scuttled in the rush to get the product out.

Sit down. Brainstorm. Be creative. Worst case scenario, you’re in the same place you are right now.

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