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Done = more

It isn’t every day that I come across some journalistic wisdom on a art-and-culture blog, but above is an illustration of a post called “The Cult of Done Manifesto” (originally located on Kitsune Noir). The final item in the manifesto (which corresponds to the final illustration in the poster): “Done is the engine of more.”

Here’s how it relates to Old Media vs. New Media journalism: In new media, nothing is “done;” nothing gets “put to bed.” Everything that’s posted on a newsbrand Web site is should be constantly evolving and shaping itself to the new historical context that changes every day:

  • Archives should be linked to and linked from;
  • Headlines should change to reflect the changing context and facts;
  • Annotations should be made to reflect editorial changes;
  • The body content should change to satisfy questions raised in comment threads;
  • When the original content inspires/relates to new content, the new content should be linked to.

There’s probably more to be considered and I’ll add it here later once I’ve thought of it or found it.

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