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Journalism and the Web (one year later)

Transformation from print journalist to Internet nerd ... complete.

Transformation from print journalist to Internet nerd ... complete.

About a year ago (May 27, 2008), I made the leap from print journalist to assistant Web editor. The learning curve was sharp and I fell in a few holes early on. Overall, though—and you’ll have to ask my boss for an official opinion—I’ve accumulated a solid knowledge base that’s allowed me to at least participate in and add to the greater “Where is journalism going?” discussion. (I’ve done some cool stuff, too, but those are discussions that I’ll perhaps get to later.)

What strikes me the most is how much my attitude about journalism has changed in the last year. Some of the highlights:

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  • brian beckley

    no, paul, if the wall between advertising and news comes down we are no longer journalists, we are PR people.

    and that helps NO ONE. as you said, journalism is a public service. perhaps if we remember that again, people will start reading news. as the wall gets shorter, people feel they cannot trust the newspaper because we are just a mouthpiece.

  • We’ve both been reporters and we’ve both re-written, or even just published verbatim, press releases in print—that’s being a PR person more than anything. Bringing down the editorial/ad wall doesn’t mean writing a favorable review of a business, slapping a byline on it and passing it off as journalism, it means collaborating with ad staff to run a more efficient and profitable business. Neighborhood blogs have proven this can be done without inciting a reader mutiny.

    I’ll elaborate in a future post.

  • Brian – It took a little while, but here’s that “future post” I promised.