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The summer of journalism/social media

I was toying with the idea of making up some summer journalism project for myself, but 10,000 Words (via @timakimoff) already made one for me. OK, OK—so technically their “30 things you should do” is intended for journalism graduates, but I still feel like there are plenty of things on this list I could conquer. I’ll knock as many off the list as I can, as well as a few of my own. Here are the big ones (mine in black, theirs in red):

  • Post more often (I’ve been on a pretty good blogging streak for the last week, week and a half)
  • Shoot and edit a 3-minute video and post it to YouTube
  • Design a website from scratch using HTML and CSS
  • Design a Twitter background to compliment my Web page/advertise my social media hangouts
  • Experiment with 12Seconds and figure out how best to use it
  • Reengage the community on Wired Journalists
  • (Long term): Finagle my way into being seattlepi.com’s Geek of the Week

I’m getting married in September, so planning for that could admittedly shoot all this straight to hell, but even if I only get a couple things done, I’ll be doing better than I am now.

Got any summer projects of your own?

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