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Old Media people are losing me

Brianne Pruitt wondered earlier today if this Webinar on millennials in the newsroom was offensive. I responded that, “It’s a selling tactic. Old Media is like a 3rd World dictator—make them think they’re in control & they’re easier to deal w/”

A few minutes after posting that, I find myself reflecting on how sad that statement is. It’s not necessarily true or untrue, but I said it and I believe it. I’m at the point where I’m likening old school journalists (re: old school journalists who think the Internet is just a fad) to Third World dictators in the sense that they have an inflated sense of self worth and can’t be reasoned with.

Not to inflate my own self worth, but my generation is the future of journalism. We will be running newsrooms one day and I dare say that many of us—or at least our attitudes toward new technologies—should be running newsrooms now. It’s not that I think people my age are smarter or that they’re necessarily better journalists, it’s just that the Old Media mentaility right now is, “The industry is in trouble—let’s go back to when things were easy and safe,” whereas the New Media mentality is, “Let’s get off our high horses and fundamentality change things from the ground up so we won’t be in this position again.” Jobs will probably be lost, but from the latter mentality, at least the whole industry won’t be lost.

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