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Re-imagining things with 'Tech Weekends'

I decided on my commute home that this blog needed yet another revision. I don’t find myself blogging on the weekends too often, mostly because I’m usually out doing something and it’s hard to find time to put that much thought into posts. But I constantly find myself coming across cool tech stuff that may or may not be directly related to journalism—so from now on, I’ll be making short posts about tech on the weekends (“Tech Weekends” isn’t the most inspired title ever, but I needed something for the headline).

I didn’t come about this arbitrarily—sure, I’m kind of a tech geek and this-is-my-blog-and-I-can-do-what-I-want—but I find technology and journalism inexorably linked. That’s obvious to say, but besides the fact that we can do our jobs from iPhones now, there are a million other things we can do that we just haven’t figured out yet. A lot of what I’ll post will seem, and indeed probably will be, trivial, but somewhere in the mishmash of links to Things That Are Awesome may be the next printing press (about a year ago, we still just had “this thing called Twitter”).

Anyway, that’ll happen starting next weekend. Things from the weekend may mix in with the weekdays and vice versa, but I think that’s appropriate.

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