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Publish 2: The Swiss Army Knife of link journalism

These car thermometers exaggerate everything, but not by much.

These car thermometers exaggerate everything, but not by much.

I have absolutely sucked at blogging this week and I’m not ashamed to #blametheheat. The Greater Seattle area has seen record heat this week, meaning I’ve been an aggregating machine at work and basically not present at home (I’ve been hanging out in the frozen food sections of grocery stores, visiting to my mom’s A/C-equipped home, etc.).

Anyway, the heat has been a blessing in disguise, both personally—I stayed at mom’s last night and am now eating delicious leftovers—and journalistically: I took advantage of Publish 2’s new social journalism tools to build our aggregation page on PNWLocalNews.com. Do check out that link, but I’ll briefly say that the new features offer much better Twitter integration and allow for some filtering options that didn’t exist before.

I’d highly encourage any journalist and any newsroom to test drive Publish 2 for at least a week. The bookmarking options alone are insanely useful, but with the networking benefits (all journalists, all the time) and embeddable widgets, it’s the Swiss Army Knife of link journalism. (Small aesthetic gripe: The pop-up window is vertically adjusted, which makes for a lot of scrolling. I’d love to see an option to flip it on the horizontal axis.)

Zoom over to Publish 2 to sign up for an account, or read more on my #wanews page about how myself and other journalists have used it.

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