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Gnomedex 9.0: Top 5 things I'm looking forward to

My Gnomedex 9.0 badgeStarting tomorrow, you’re going to be really annoyed with me on Twitter and in the social media sphere in general. That’s because I’ll be manning my laptop from the first few rows at Gnomedex 9.0 and talking about it incessantly.

Last year’s Gnomedex featured an absolutely fantastic mix of presenters and one of the greatest speeches I’ve ever heard. Of course, that was my first time attending. This year, I’m not a newb and more importantly, I’m way geekier and thus way more excited. Here’s what’s got me wound up the most:

  1. Mark Glaser and Jim Ray– As a geek/journalist, you really can’t ask for much more than a presentation by Mark Glaser on “Why did media companies miss the boat on the web?”
  2. Chris Brogan – To be honest, I wasn’t really familiar with Chris up till he was announced as the keynote for Gnomedex. But his new book, Trust Agents, has been buzzing on Twitter (and elsewhere) lately and social media is, after all, my dual love (next to journalism).
  3. Seeing how many people have Bump and swapping information with them – When I discovered this app, I was convinced it had been built specifically for things like Gnomedex.
  4. Giant Ant Media – Again, hadn’t heard of them prior to the Gnomedex announcement, but their videos are hilarious.
  5. The return of Kris Krug – His presentation last year caused me to rediscover my love of taking pictures. This year, he’s offering a wrap of the weekend in photo slide show form. I’m hoping he’ll drop a few tips along the way, but even if he doesn’t, I could stare at his photos all day (fair warning: occasional nakedness).

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