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I'm getting married Saturday

You may have noticed my blog drop off the face of the Earth recently—sorry for that, but I’m getting married Saturday and my priorities have obviously shifted a bit. I have been busy at work, and in the journalism field in general, as well, and I’ll get back to sharing some of my projects when I have more time.

I’ll probably be mostly off the radar till Sept. 22, however, so please don’t take it personally if I don’t @ reply you or respond back to a comment between now and then.

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  • Tim

    Congrats! Paul – I will miss your posts while you are gone.

    Wish the best to you and your bride!
    Tim Oakes

  • Congrats! Enjoy the wedding (it may seem strange, but I hear some people don’t have fun at their own weddings) and have a great honeymoon.

  • @Elaine – Thanks! I’ll make sure I have fun, come hell or high water.

    @Tim – Thanks to you, too, and thanks for (apparently) following me regularly. Just to be sure, you’re also @mtacorn, right?

  • Cynthia Mitchell

    Congrats, Paul! Hope you’re enjoying the first, incredible weeks of a realllllly long journey with Nikki! Give a shout when you come back. (Remember, I’ve got you down for two sessions on Oct. 10!) I’ll send you the details when you return…