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Seattle U's 'Future of News' conference: What I'm talking about

A quick overview of my involvement at Seattle U’s “Future of News” conference tomorrow:

  • I’ll be sitting on a panel titled “Tales from the Trenches: How to Land and Succeed in your First Newspaper Job” with three other (relatively) recent grads. I think my contributions will tend toward the “…and Succeed” portion of the heading, as I didn’t exactly have a bidding war going for my services straight out of college. Should be pretty good fodder and maybe some war stories, too.
  • I’ll be giving a presentation titled “Cool Tools”—this, I’m really excited about. I’m basically going to talk about the desktop, Web and mobile apps I use to get my job done (assistant editor of New Media). I’d say about 99.9 percent of my day-to-day duties consist of some kind of Internet use, and without hyping myself up too much, I think I’ve got enough in my head that everyone in attendance will come away with something. The presentation will be very “101,” but I plan to field a lot of questions, so if you’re attending, please feel free to fire away. I’ll have a fresh post up on Monday with my presentation and a wrap of the event.

A few resources, if you want:

  • You can view/download/print the agenda via Scribd.
  • If you’re Tweeting from or following the event on Twitter, use the hashtag #seaj.
  • If you haven’t already, you can still buy tickets.
  • If you’re attending—and if you are, you’re presumably a journalist—you’ll be on Capitol Hill and you may as well check out Capitol Hill Seattle, arguably the biggest and most successful neighborhood blog in that area (no offense, cap to the hill). Besides that, it’s a damn good news source, run by a guy who you could probably learn a thing or two from.

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