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Artistic iPhone journalism

I love the look of Nick Maggios photos. Who is this guy and wheres he going? I dont know. I get to make that part up.

I love the look of Nick Maggio's photos. Who is this guy and where's he going? I don't know. I get to make that part up.

As Chase Jarvis says, “The Best Camera is the One That’s With You”—no one knows that better than Nick Maggio, the blogger behind A Time to Get. I referenced ATG a little while ago in my Artistic videojournalism post, which should provide some weight to Nick’s eye for good-looking stuff. He’s not what you’d consider a traditional journalist, but who is these days and who cares?

Every Friday, he posts “More of this, less of that, and a few other things thrown in. My life, what I see, what I do, what I like, and what I happen to take pictures of with my phone.” I love the way he documents the world around him (journalism) and I find myself trying, usually unsuccessfully, to duplicate his style when I whip out my iPhone.

Mobile journalism—especially video and photography—is finding its way into the mainstream more and more, either through iconic imagery or bold innovation.

I know some journalism traditionalists will scoff at the “photo illustration” aspect of Nick’s work, but…just look at what he posted today. Nothing wrong with using an iPhone app to make spontaneity look good, as far as I’m concerned.

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