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New design aesthetic: Blue

I figured my online wardrobe was due for an update. I’ve been wanting to switch to a blue-centered theme for a while. I know it’s not insanely original, but until I have the time to fully customize my site on the WordPress.org platform (which is in the long-term plan) I thought this would be best. Three reasons:

  • People see blue and they think “hyperlink.” I don’t think I was really gaining or losing anyone with the brick red, but conventional wisdom says blue-toned hyperlinks are the best from a usability standpoint.
  • Aaron Hockley said The more customization the better. Even if you’re just running WordPress.com (versus the installable WordPress.org, which offers much more customization), you should customize your theme as much as possible so it doesn’t look like 10 million other blogs. I’m a big proponent of developing a voice and personal brand online and your overall Web aesthetic is part of that.
  • Blue is probably my favorite color, despite the fact that I always claim my favorite color is red. I think something like 90 percent of my wardrobe is blue. My mom always suggested I dress in blue when I was a kid because I have blue eyes and I guess it just stuck. I don’t know why I feel the need to carry this over to my blog, but here we are.

I’ve also applied the colors to my Twitter page—like I said, you should apply your brand across the Web.

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