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Ruminating on new media's meaning


Source: 330mate.com's Flickr page

Just a quick thought tonight:

I’m a “new media-ite” or whatever you want to call it—I’m a guy who preaches and does his best to practice the virtues of new technologies as they pertain to journalism and social interaction. I even work for a company that’s named my department New Media. That term tends to conjure a lot of stereotypes: I spend all day updating my Twitter status; I own an iPhone; I have a superiority complex; etc.

I may live up to some of those stereotypes, but it doesn’t matter. New media to me means “whatever’s next.” If that means having a Twitter account, I’ll get one. But if the zombie apocalypse happens tomorrow and all we have left is wood and stone, I’ll be the first guy handing out chisels.

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