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SEO is your friend (whether you like it or not)

If you’re a journalist using the Internet, do yourself a favor and head over to Old Media, New Tricks right now to check out Robert Quigley’s latest post, “Journalists and SEO – searching for the right balance.” Robert absolutely nails the discussion of what SEO is and why it’s important—much better than I did a few weeks ago when I implored you to Make your headlines SEO friendly.

I get why print journalists don’t want to embrace SEO—it’s differs stylistically from print, it discourages puns and other such “cleverness,” etc.—but if they care at all about having their content consumed, they’ll have to learn it. Robert’s right: SEO is no different from traditional headline writing in that it’s simply a tactic to pull people in to your work. SEO takes it a step further, though, because it’s not just about drawing people in, it’s about drawing people to your work even when they don’t know they’re looking for it.

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