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I've been sick—back now

Yep. It's Milo ... at the emergency room.

Source: brainwise's Flickr stream

Sorry to have completely dropped off the map last week. I had…not the worst birthday ever, but certainly not a good one. I got food poisoning the day of my birthday and got hauled into the ER later that night. Due to what I’ll just call complications resulting from the food poisoning, I was out for the better part of last week and once I got back, it was all kinds of catch-up and…you know the deal.

I stayed offline—completely offline—for a solid two/three days at one point, which in this day and age and given my usual habits, was quite a feat.

Anyway, I noticed my blog traffic didn’t completely die while I was out, so thanks to those of you who stuck around and perused the archives while I recovered. I’ll return to a regular blogging schedule this week.

One last note: If it weren’t for my wife, I honestly may have died (I was like I Shouldn’t Be Alive dehydrated before she took me to the ER). Or at least been really messed up for a while. If you value my input here, you should give her a quick thanks by leaving a comment on her blog.

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  • James Balcerak

    Didn’t you go without the internet/social media while you were on your honeymoon? That was for about a week wasn’t it? You must be getting used to the feeling of reconnecting yourself to everything by now.

  • Yeah, but there’s a difference between planning on being gone for a week and just disappearing :)

  • Kathy

    Eeek. This is why guys need wives. :-)

    Seriously, glad you’re better. Try not to be such a, umm, stoic the next time you get sick, OK?

  • Yikes! Glad you’re on the road to recovery :)

  • @Kathy – I had strict orders from my wife to stay away from my iPhone and laptop. Hopefully next time things are a lot milder and I can at least work from home/bed and stay active :)

    @Adam – Yeah, it’s been a while. And now my wife has a cold that’s probably coming my way. I’m gonna run out of sick days by May at this rate.

  • Kathy

    Oh! I didn’t mean the fact that you didn’t talk to us. I met the bit about your being so dehydrated. =:-0

  • @Kathy – Heh. My mistake. Yeah, that’s good sense :)