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Anteing up my SEO

If my posts start to thin out in the next couple weeks, it’s because I’m embarking on a little project to improve my SEO and my site’s overall functionality. Here’s what I’ll be doing:

  • Analyzing analytics (figuring out how to grow my traffic a little more);
  • Creating destination pages for common topics (e.g. Twitter, SEO, etc.);
  • Going through all my old posts and linking to those topic pages (uh boy…);
  • Possibly chopping off posts that came from my old Wired Journalists blog (just because they’re formatted oddly now and I don’t really like it).

Of course, I’ll come back at you with a report on any relevant progress I make. And hey, if you have any tips for anything else I ought to be doing, feel free to drop ’em in the form of a comment.

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  • If you want to create real longterm value from an SEO perspective, two key things matter:

    1) You need a clearly defined mission about what you want to rank for. Hone your posting habits to focus on this mission.

    2) Create value. Any other SEO efforts are a parlor trick if you’re not creating longterm value with your content. The value proposition should be directly focused on your mission defined in step one.

  • Both very good points and I have been considering those lately.

    When I started off with this blog, I really didn’t know a whole lot about SEO beyond headlines. I think I saw what a lot of journalists were doing with their blogs and just figured, All right, I’ll buy my domain name and start blogging about the future of journalism. Since then, it’s turned into more of a teaching-what-I-know-to-other-people-who-are-in-a-situation-I-was-in type of thing and I’m taking steps to emphasize it more in that direction. I obviously need to hone that into something more succinct :)

    I’m definitely (eventually) going to want to migrate this over to a WordPress.org blog, too, so I can mess around with the underlying HTML/CSS a lot more and optimize my code.