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Blogging: Sometimes, you've just gotta take a break

Sean Connery passed out

Source: Sartorially Inclined

I’ve got a ton of good ideas for blog posts right now, but I’m flipping exhausted. It seems like every day for the last two or three weeks has been spent running out to some social media meet-up or conference. I’ve got a string of three or four days this week where I’ve got absolutely nothing going on and rather than spend those days blogging, I’m gonna watch Lost, clean up my apartment and hang out with my wife.

I may crank out a few posts here and there, but I’m not gonna panic about it. That’s the thing with blogging, too: You can’t let it completely own you. I don’t do this for a living or even as a side business. I blog because I like to and because I think it’s a smart way to maintain my personal brand. The minute I start to feel frazzled or overwhelmed by something—and this goes for more than just the blog—I know it’s time to step back, take a breath and get myself in neutral.

Like I said, I’ll be around, but in the meantime, you can find me at some of my other haunts:

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