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The other part of learning new media: Be relentless

Last week, I talked about where to get started if you’re trying to learn more about new media. I mentioned three things:

  1. Be curious;
  2. Find what kinds of new media you like;
  3. Ask stupid questions.

I re-read my post the other day and I realized there’s one more thing I want to add: Be relentless.

Some of the best advice I ever received came from Brian Michael Bendis, the writer for a lot, if not most, of Marvel Comics’ titles (at least at the time). He was talking about writing, but you could pretty well apply this advice to anything; he said (paraphrasing): “Writing is like working out—if you don’t do it every day, you’re never going to make any progress. The way you build up your muscles is through repetition and adding a little more weight each time. Writing’s the same way.”

If you want to learn more about new media, commit to it. Don’t put in some half-assed attempt—Oh, I signed up for a Twitter account, typed in news headlines and no one talked to me…I guess I just don’t get it—and expect anything more than minimal results. Do your homework. Ask smart people dumb questions. Have a plan (and educate yourself on how to have a good plan).

I guarantee your continued education will be as thorough as the effort you put into it.

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