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Do you have a Plan B for when the Internet's down?

Comcast has been on the fritz all night for me (and all week at work, but I digress…) and while I won’t lie that it stresses me out and frustrates me, I really don’t have that much to worry about because I’m mobile. The iPhone is expensive, but in the times I really need it, it’s a lifesaver and in the times I don’t, it’s a huge boon to my productivity (more on that in a future post). Also: It’s awesome.

I’ve talked before about using social media as a Plan B for if your site ever goes down. But what if your whole Internet connection is down? Is your newsroom ready for that? Are you, as an independent journalist, in a position to keep working when everyone else is stalled?

For the big-ass dent it puts in my checking account each month, this little thing (3G, thank you) certainly delivers. And even if it is beyond your means, I’d recommend thinking of a backup plan for when things go south (off the top of my head: cheap cell phone + text-to-Twitter = publishing platform).

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