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WordPress.com users can now phone in their blog posts

The urge to make a “I totally phoned in this post” joke is overpowering.

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  • Love this! I noticed that someone had written an entry from their iphone this weekend and thought, “That’s a new one!” I think it’s a great feature, but writing some posts would be very difficult, not to mention cumbersome with an iphone keyboard.

  • I’ve done a handful of posts with the iPhone keyboard. It’s not impossible or even entirely uncomfortable, but it’s definitely not ideal for long-form posts.

    This new “phone it in” feature isn’t ideal, either (you have to re-title posts later), but it could be helpful especially for reporters or tech bloggers covering big events. A two-person team could knock it out pretty easily (one calls in posts from the field, the other updates the headline and drops in photos/links/whatever).