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The Advantage Of Tweeting Overnight (And What To Do If You Can't)

I talked briefly with lostremote this morning about how KIRO 7 staffs its Twitter account overnight:

Tweeting news when it breaks… overnight – Lost Remote

I’m usually not the guy to Tweet during the wee hours, but I did take the reins a few weeks ago while I was trapped in the office. If you’re the social media person for your newsroom, I wouldn’t recommend staying up late on a regular basis, but as I mentioned in my comment on Cory’s site, being one of only a few Twitterers at 3 a.m. has its advantage in the sense that you’re speaking to people on a very small back-channel. It makes communication all the more personal and intimate, which is key to connecting with people through social media and forming valuable relationships.

If you can’t stay up all night, be strategic about how you do spend your time: Get up early or spend some time with your social presence during the weekend.

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  • What’s great about the west coast is that we can take advantage of talking to late night easterners at a more decent hour here. :) Made a few friends over there like that.

  • Yeah, I’ve actually connected with a lot of British bloggers and journalists that way. Good point.