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What Are Your Plans For Your Blog In 2011?

Another kind of panorama of construction on Fulton Street.

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Copyblogger’s 5 Content Steps to Take For the New Year made me think about the long-delayed moves I’ve been wanting to make to this blog that I hope to finally make in 2011. Maybe if I spell them out here, that’ll keep me motivated to follow through:

  • Migrate over to WordPress.org. I’ve wanted to move this site to its own host and take advantage of all the customization available with hosting my own site for a long time. What’s stopped me? Time and level of difficulty. But I’m ready to just say to hell with it, throw down the money and learn, the hard way, how to customize my site. If it looks crappy for a while…oh well. I’m all about transparency and learning out in the open.
  • Come up with a new name and brand for my blog. I’ll always keep paulbalcerak.com as an online business card, but I’ve wanted to move the blog over to its own identity, independent of me. For one thing, “Balcerak” isn’t an easy name to spell and for another, it’s too easy with a name like mine to own my search engine rank. I want to get out there and try to compete for SEO in a niche. (More on the name I came up with in a future post.)
  • Blog more often. I say this one all the time, but I’ve been trying it more in recent weeks. I’ve realized that the blog I want — one that’s updated constantly with always-original content — isn’t feasible and I may need to stick to just occasional fully-original posts while piggybacking on others’ posts for daily updates (like this post).

What plans do you have for your blog in 2011? Better yet: How are you planning on sticking to those plans? Let me know in the comments.

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  • Good luck with your resolutions, and thanks for the link to CopyBlogger, it’s a great article.

  • Site looks great. Once I can scrape up the money to launch my own site, I plan on using WordPress. For now though, I’m using a WordPress.com blog (http://ccarterphotos.wordpress.com/)

    I may come back and ask you for help on integrating the WordPress.org stuff once I get there.

    Again, site looks great.

  • admin

    @Chris- Yeah, I’d be happy to help. Migrating my URL — paulbalcerak.com — from WordPress.com to WordPress.org was a little confusing, but it’s really easy once you unearth the right “how to” pages.

    Thanks for giving me your site URL. I’ll add it to my Google Reader.