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Welcome To The New paulbalcerak.com

Image of Welcome mat drawn in chalk

Source: alborzshawn's Flickr page

If this site started looking a little different to you yesterday, well, it was, and it is. My only New Year’s resolution was to migrate this site over to WordPress.org so I could start to learn more about web development and design (it’s an area I’m still lacking in).

I’ve stuck with generally the same theme as before, though that may change and the look of the site could change pretty drastically over the course of the next year, as I tinker and experiment and, inevitably, completely eff things up.

But that’s OK — fail early and learn fast was a motto we sometimes used at Sound Publishing and it’s a smart strategy that I plan to implement here.

As always, I’d love to hear any tips, suggestions, feedback or criticism you may have about this site as it develops. Feel free to comment on any post, any time, or, if you feel like your comment is off-topic, e-mail me or message me on Twitter.

Well, I’m off to play around with this thing a bit. If you have any links or advice you think may be helpful to a WordPress.org newbie, please drop them in the comments (also, I’d love to know your thoughts on which themes are the best).

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