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The Value Of Updating In The Moment

I watched the Seahawks game on Saturday and made a quick update to KIRO 7’s Facebook Page when it was over:

Scrren grab of KIRO 7 Facebook status update on Seahawks vs. Saints playoff resultI’ll take 108 Likes and 34* comments any day of the week, but when they come as the result of six little words, that’s just gravy.

Would it have been ideal to include a link back to our coverage? Yes, but my point is that this update was in-the-moment. I could have posted something on Sunday — or even hours after the fact — sure, but I don’t think it would have gotten nearly as much attention. People were happy and they wanted to share it with everyone. I’ll settle for the brand recognition (it helped us reach 3,000 fans on Monday**).

Don’t underestimate the value of being there in the moment.

* I had to delete one comment that had “fuck” in it.

** We have a separate page for our morning newscast (happened before my time) so our numbers are a little diluted.

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