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Geoff Baker On How The Definition Of A ‘Scoop’ Has Changed

Something “on the verge” of happening one minute isn’t always going to take place the next.

So, in that case, the language of the Twitter “scoop” becomes important. Because if you write that a deal is done, that’s different from saying it’s “on the verge” of being done.

And in those cases, I believe the readers themselves have to be more discerning. Not everything that looks like a “fact” on Twitter actually constitutes one.

via Mariners Blog | The definition of a “scoop” in media world not what it used to be

Great post from Geoff Baker today on what constitutes a “scoop” in a news cycle defined on Twitter by the fractions of seconds.

The whole post is good, and Geoff offers more insight on the topic than I ever could, but I zeroed in on this one snippet because I said something similar — in the vein of audience/reader responsibility — after the inaccurate reports of Rep. Gabrielle Giffords’ death a couple weeks ago.

Disclosure: I’m an unapologetic Baker fan, and posts like this are why.

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