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I Think The New York Times Paywall Just Appeared

Try any link right now.

UPDATE: Some people have told me this is the standard registration page and has been up for years. If that’s the case, I’ve been reading NYT.com for years and have never encountered it.

Also, @RavennaBlog passed along this link: New York Times Fixes Paywall Glitches To Balance Free Vs Paid

That post is dated this morning. I’m not sure if it had anything to do with this screen, but there is this:

Among the issues still being addressed are how the system will determine who is required to pay and the point at which various visitors hit the paywall.

I rarely navigate to NYTimes.com to find content; usually, I get linked there through Twitter, Facebook or a blog (which could make all the difference).

Anyway, looks like my freeze on linking to The New York Times is here. Sad, but I’m pretty confident they’ll remove the paywall within six months to a year (just guessing).

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