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The Republican Party’s Stance On Net Neutrality Is Wrong

This is everything you need to know about Net Neutrality:

Republicans are so determined to block the Federal Communications Commission’s proposed Net neutrality rules that they’re pulling out a little-used law that gives Congress the chance to second-guess federal agencies before their regulations go into effect. The GOP’s argument is that the Internet has thrived without government regulation, so there’s no reason to start now. That’s a fine sentiment, but the point of the rules is to protect the Net from being manipulated by the handful of giant phone and cable TV companies that dominate the market for home broadband services. Reversing the commission’s order would invite those companies to pick winners and losers among websites and services, potentially strangling the openness and innovation that has been vital to the Internet economy.

via Net neutrality and the GOP’s attack on the FCC – latimes.com

The GOP stance on Net Neutrality is flat-out wrong. I don’t know if those in favor of it are ignorant of what Net Neutrality actually is, or if they’re just opposing it because Democrats support it.

I don’t care what their reasons are, and neither should you.

Here’s what the Republicans in favor of deregulation support: a scenario in which Comcast would be able to charge you more money to access certain websites. Imagine you like watching How I Met Your Mother on CBS’s website. Well, Comcast owns NBC, and it also owns a lot of people’s cable service, meaning it’s not out of the range of possibilities for Comcast to restrict access to non-NBC video content online.

This isn’t a Republican vs. Democrat thing. This is a freedom of information “thing,” and it has nothing to do with any stupid political party winning or losing.

If you favor unfettered access to information on the internet, and don’t think private entities should be allowed to determine what you have access to, you should oppose the Republican stance on this issue.

+1 to the L.A. Times.

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