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Openly Wondering: As An AT&T Customer, Is The T-Mobile Buyout A Good Thing?

Image of AT&T gold block.

MrVJTod / Flickr

I haven’t read a ton about the proposed AT&T takeover of T-Mobile yet, beyond AT&T’s own quotes on how good this is for everyone and I’m wondering if, as an AT&T customer, this is a good thing for me, or if I’ll even notice.

My gut reaction is to guess that, for those of us existing AT&T customers, nothing will change, or things may change a little bit for the better (due to an expanded network). For T-mobile customers, I have a feeling this is kind of a bad deal, just because T-mobile has traditionally offered much cheaper plans than AT&T.

Overall, I’m inclined to believe that less competition in the cell phone market = bad.

But again, these are just my guesses and I’m curious if anyone out there has any good feedback/links on this deal. Please comment if you have any insights or links (I’ll update this post as I get/read them).

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  • I hope it = better rates or more service. I am a believer that competition is healthy and keeps everyone on their toes! Hopefully we the consumers will win in this one! fingers crossed …

  • More service? Maybe. Better rates? I wouldn’t bet on it. T-Mobile, as the “bargain network” has largely driven down the rates of AT&T and Verizon (or at least held them at bay). If the deal goes through, Nextel is really the only thing left and they’ll be struggling to survive.

    As for more/better service, that’s probably a reasonable expectation in the long run, but in the short term, it’s worth noting that AT&T’s and T-Mobile’s 3G networks run on entirely different frequencies, meaning that an AT&T iPhone, for instance, would need an entirely new antenna to work on T-Mobile’s network.

    As an AT&T customer, I’m not too worried about the deal going through or not. I feel a little trepidation, though, for T-Mobile customers (or potential customers) who don’t need smartphones and appreciate the lower rates.