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#TwitterGetsYouHired: A Response To @nytkeller’s ‘#TwitterMakesYouDumb’

20110513-084212.jpgI’m sure there are people who flat out don’t need Twitter, but I’m not one of them. I’ve come to rely on it so much that it’s become my information and career lifeline.

Here’s some of what Twitter has done for me, directly or indirectly:

– Gotten me hired.
– Connected me with people who have helped me advance my career.
– Gotten me speaking engagements (another résumé booster).
– Made me think more critically about my profession (I’m connected with a lot of people who are smarter than me and/or who I disagree with).
– Helped me do my job better (I produce several story leads each week thanks to connections I’ve made through Twitter).

There have also been a few almost-jobs from people who approached me through Twitter or because of what I had done with my various Twitter accounts.

I’ve broadened my knowledge base: Topics that I would’ve just glazed over in a newspaper or on a website — economics and international news particularly — are now a regular part of my news diet.

I’m sure I could have done many or all of these things without Twitter, but I didn’t. Twitter works for me and it works for a lot of other people, too. If it doesn’t work for Bill Keller, that’s fine; he obviously has plenty of information inlets that do work for him.

If there’s any “answer” to his open statement (which, for what it’s worth, I don’t think he meant literally), it’s that people should use what works for them. Does it really matter how a person gets the information or connections he needs? I don’t think so, and I’m just glad he’s able to, in whatever format is available.

This was written on my phone, so sorry for any weird formatting.

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