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How Did I Never Take Part In Twitter Chats?

Image of Black Topre Realforce 105U keyboard

Adrián Pérez / Flickr

I’ve dropped in on a few weekly journalism chats over the last couple weeks — #journchat, #spjchat and #wjchat — and I don’t know how the hell I managed to go this long without them.

I got my start blogging on Wired Journalists, which was a great incubator because, as a Ning network, it was sort of a group blog where I was assured that X amount of people would see my posts and provide feedback. In chats, I get the same kind of feedback, albeit in shorter spurts because it’s Twitter.

I’m not a regular — I work an evening shift and breaking news pulls me away often — but I’ll definitely be popping my head in more often.

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