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Publish 2 May Have Just Solved The Web-Print Publishing Problem

Newsroom von RIA Novosti in Moskau

maiak.info / Flickr

One of the biggest hurdles in converting traditional newsrooms to new-media-ready machines is changing the workflow. In print newsrooms more than anywhere else, reporters are accustomed to writing for the legacy product, which often turns the website into a flimsy carbon copy.

Publish 2 may have just solved that problem with their Print-Digital Integration Module. Publish 2 CEO Scott Karp explains:

Using the Publish2 Print-Digital Integration module, newspapers are able to create content in the web CMS, publish web and digital first, and then easily flow all the content into the print editorial system. We strip out the HTML for print, so reporters can link as much as they want in the web version. We can also deliver the content into the archiving system.

And we can do it all without any change to the existing systems, and without the significant expense of throwing out the old system and buying a new one.

The ambition behind that idea must have been huge (“Here’s an idea: Let’s make it completely easy for print-legacy websites to link properly”).

I haven’t seen or tested the product myself, but if it works as billed — I’ve worked with Publish 2 in the past, and they’ve always delivered — it could be something of a game changer for a lot of newsrooms. The sticking point will be how user-friendly the orgs’ existing CMS’s are. Telling a reporter that he/she doesn’t need to write two versions of a story will likely be welcome news to everyone, but getting that person to embrace the link — especially if there’s no WISYWYG editor available — could be more of a challenge.

Either way, good on Publish 2. It appears they’ve given an easier way for newsroom managers to bring their horses to water. It’ll be up to the managers to get them to drink.

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