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3 Posts On Journalism Or Social Media, And LOST

DHARMA Initiative Beer

Here's to you, LOST. (maxpixpix / Flickr)

Today is the one-year anniversary of “The End,” the final episode of Lost. Because, inevitably, We Have To Go Back, here are three posts I did during the series’ run about how the show related to social media or journalism:

If Journalism Were LOST…

I wrote this post between Seasons 5 and 6, and it’s interesting to look back and read about what I knew about the show’s secrets. I could do this post over again with entirely new references and jokes. Hmm…next anniversary, maybe.

How Facebook Is LOST’s Smoke Monster And Why You Shouldn’t Quit

Now that the show’s over, the Smoke Monster’s intentions aren’t ambiguous. I suppose you could still make the argument that Facebook is the Smoke Monster, but….

WikiLeaks Is Quite Possibly The Smoke Monster

I really enjoy calling organizations “The Smoke Monster.” Coming up next year: The Top 5 Posts Where I Refer To Someone As “The Smoke Monster.”

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