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The Breaking News iPhone App Is My New News-Crack

Breaking News’ iPhone app is spectacular and though I’ve only been using it for a couple days, I’m already incessantly batting down the news feed with my thumb to refresh the headlines, kind of like how a kitten would smack around a ball of yarn without getting bored.

What makes it so awesome? Simplicity and ease of use. Everything from the design — which is hugely attractive, I think — to the user interface seems to be geared toward the idea that We have some information here; would you like to (a) dig deeper or (b) share it?


I only hope this app stays the same and MSNBC doesn’t try to add too many bells and whistles to it.

The app is free, by the way. UPDATE (5/26/11 9:48 a.m.): There are a bunch of different apps called “Breaking News,” so make sure you get the real one.

UPDATE (5/26/11 12:52 p.m.): They’re also on Android.

Full disclosure: I blog for Lost Remote, which is owned and operated by Cory Bergman, who is the director of Breaking News.

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