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Showing Up 5 Years Late To The BlackBerry Party


Call me crazy, but my work-issued BlackBerry is starting to grow on me.

I attended a how-to seminar the other day and I guess knowing how to use the damn thing is an incentive toward using it more.

I have the BlackBerry Curve (analog buttons), and while I wouldn’t pick it as my primary phone, it works fine as a backup and, more importantly, an alternative that allows me to physically separate my work from my personal interests (partially). That’s a huge mental weight off my shoulders.

It even does some cool stuff that my iPhone doesn’t: I can customize the autocorrect function (“zzz” spits out an e-mail signature, for example) and the analog buttons on the side of the phone. Imagine being able to customize your iPhone’s autocorrect and being able to make the “volume down” button on the left side of the phone open up Twitter. Jeez, get on that, Apple.

If you’re going to get (stuck with) one of these things, here are a few apps you should get, as suggested by a coworker of mine who loves his BlackBerry:

– BlackBerry App World, the BlackBerry app store which apparently doesn’t come pre-installed on some BlackBerrys. Jeez, get on that, BlackBerry.

– Opera Mini, which is allegedly much better than the native browser. Note that you have to download it at m.opera.com.

– YouMail, a visual voicemail app, which basically does what the iPhone’s regular voicemail does, only you also get e-mail notifications.

– Uber Social, which I’m told is the best Twitter client for BlackBerry.

Only kidding about the “stuck with” comment, by the way. The BlackBerry is a perfectly good phone and the fact that this is what we consider a less-than-stellar phone these days says a lot about how far smartphone technology has come.

Anyone know of any BlackBerry apps or tricks that I should know about?

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