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Here’s Who Really Owns Your Photos


lukeroberts / Flickr

Kathy Gill has posted a phenomenal and exhaustive overview of photo sharing services, which, if you ever post photos online, you should go and check out immediately.

I posted last week that I was thinking of switching to yfrog from TwitPic, in light of TwitPic suddenly bringing down the hammer on its terms of service. Kathy was quick to correct me and her latest post should serve as a “before you use” for any photographer jumping onto a social photo site.

For what it’s worth, I’ve considered a lot of the factors at play here and here’s what I’m going to do with my photos in the future:

  • My Flickr account has been my main hub for a while and it will continue to be.
  • Anyone who wants to use my photos can, so long as they attribute me by name or username with a link back to the photo. I’ll also reserve the right to revoke permission from anyone if I feel like it (not that that will necessarily do anything).
  • I’ll probably still post with TwitPic or whatever service is on my phones/apps by default; I’ll just be careful not to post anything I really care about.

UPDATE: Here’s a snippet from Kathy’s blog today:

If Yahoo! wants Flickr to remain relevant in an increasingly interconnected world, it’s essential that it it work with third-party developers to enable easy sharing of Flickr-hosted content on Twitter. Post-haste!

I agree that Flickr could make things easier, and would stand a lot to gain from it, but that’s another post. I’ll still use them and jump through some extra hoops.

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