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4 Things My Shiba Inu Can Teach You About Reporting


This is Fox. Here’s what he can teach you about reporting:

1. Always Be Ready To Bound Out The Door

Fox loves going outside. He can be completely exhausted and still hop up and trot out into the backyard if I open the door. Even though he knows it’s the same backyard he’s been in a hundred times…who cares? You never know.

2. Be Personable

This is just good life advice, but it helps for when you have to…

3. Be Persistent

If you’re not personable, persistent = annoying. Fox sometimes wakes me up at 5 a.m. (to go outside) but he usually gets away with shaking me out of bed by 5:30 or so because he doesn’t do it too often and I like him. If some stupid bird comes chirping at my window, though, no deal — I don’t know that guy.

4. Don’t Be Afraid To Get Into A Little Trouble

Once you’ve endeared yourself to those around you, feel free to break a few minor rules. This one time, Fox absconded with one of my fairway wood covers (which, incidentally, looked like a fox). He probably knew he shouldn’t have done it, but it wasn’t really worth scolding him over and he’s a nice dog so guess what? Free toy.

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