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Is ‘.com’ Even Necessary Anymore?

Interesting post on GeekWire this afternoon: Zillow has dropped “.com” from its name.

“Zillow now sees itself as a ‘multiplatform company’ with significant traffic coming from mobile applications,” John Cook writes. He adds, “In a mobile world, does the dot-com moniker even matter?”

It’s an interesting swing of the pendulum, but John has a point: “.com” is quickly becoming what “newspaper” or “TV station” were five years ago. It’s almost a shackle that says “we’re this one thing, in this one medium.” Brands that never really called themselves anything other than what they deliver may prove to be the smartest.

Put it like this: If you’re The New York Times Newspaper, it makes everything else — your website, Twitter account, Tumblog, etc. — sound like an afterthought to the “main” product. If you’re just The New York Times, it allows you to lead on any number of platforms.

Lastly, I’m openly wondering: If .com is old hat, is @username the new .com?

Note: Yeah, I know — paulbalcerak.com.

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