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Before Using Social Media To Promote, Make Sure What You’re Promoting Is Good

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Shira Golding / Flickr

If your product sucks today, it will still suck tomorrow if you start using social media. The only difference is that more people will know about it.

— Social Media is not a contingency plan for having a shitty product

This is an unfortunate truth that sometimes gets ignored in favor of the “we have to do this” mentality.

Don’t get me wrong, social media is a must, but jumping into the social sphere before you’ve had time to refine your brand is a little bit like running out the door before you’ve gotten dressed.

More from Mack Collier:

The goal isn’t just to ‘be social’, it should be to establish connections with your customers that help you improve your existing products and business processes.

News orgs: Don’t get confused by this statement. This doesn’t mean that you should use social media to promote your legacy product; it means you should use social media to promote your news. It’s also implied that you should do so in a way befitting of the platform. The way you speak to people on Facebook will be different from how you communicate in e-mail, which will differ from how you talk on Twitter (etc.).

Anyway, go check out Mack’s post — it’s a good read.

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