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What Canlis’ Valet Parking Can Teach You About Social Media

Valet Parking

Paul Swansen / Flickr

[W]hy, whenever I describe Canlis to friends, do I always end up going on and on about the valet parking?

It’s simple in the way the best magic tricks are: When you pull into their carport, a friendly guy in a jacket and sneakers greets you, takes your keys and vanishes with your car. No tickets, no names, no nothing. Then, two or three hours later, as you’re walking out the huge glass doors, your car glides up. Glides up. It isn’t waiting there for you, but is easing in just as you are easing out.

via Bites – The food, the wine, and oh, the valet parking!

Click through to the link, and if you don’t get the lesson, come back here and read this next paragraph…

Yeah: Remember people. It sounds easy, and it also sounds hard, and it’s both, but it’s the most basic token of appreciation you can give someone. You were memorable — that makes people feel good. You won’t be able to do it if you’re communicating with thousands of Twitter followers each day (and if you are, you should quit your job and work for NASA or something) but do your best to remember who people are and what they did. (I literally write names and Twitter handles down.) They’ll pay you back with their loyalty.

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