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What’s On Your iPhone Home Page?


Whenever a friend or colleague opens up their iPhone or mobile device, I’m always curious to see what apps they have on their home page. It’s like a nerd version of “What’s on your iPod?”

Mine’s above. I’d love to see (and maybe post?) what the rest of you have. Take a screenshot and upload it somewhere, then post a link in the comments (if it’s OK for me to add the photo to this post, let me know that, too).

UPDATE: Here are a few other people’s iPhone home screens:

Morgan Palmer:

Jeris JC Miller:


And via Twitter:

@sethlong (FOLDERS!) and his iPad





@andrewzahler (more FOLDERS!)

Here’s a bonus one from Monica Guzman, linked to by @crindalyn in her post.

Post yours in the comments or Tweet it to me and I’ll add it here.

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  • What’s on my iPhone? … A question I have is What’s on Your iPad?!

  • Sadly, no iPad for me.

  • here’s mine.  post away.  no pictures from the congressional gym here!

  • Just opened to this screen, most of mine are groups of 4 related apps

  • That “eye” is terrifying.

  • By the way, almost more interesting than what apps you’re using is seeing “TELUS” in the upper-left next to your bars, rather than AT&T ;)

  • Yah just a reminder that HAL 9000 would have been made by Apple