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Help Me Clear My Instapaper Queue

Take out the trash

ianqui / Flickr

Every Friday, I go through my Instapaper queue and throw out anything that hasn’t been read yet. It’s a system that keeps me organized, but unfortunately, a lot of great stuff ends up tumbling down the black hole of unread internet items.

That doesn’t mean you can read it, though.

Here are all of my journalism- or news-related Instapaper items from this week (and last, because I skipped last Friday):

Take A Twitter Audit | Chris Brogan

7 Creative Uses For Twitter Lists | V3

Rockville Central Drops Website For Facebook, Offers Eight Lessons On Facebook News Publishing | Poynter

Does Twitter Have Different Standards Than TV News? | Lost Remote

Seizing The Power Of Social Media For Job Hunting | socialrazzi

How To Embed RSS Feeds Into HTML Web Pages — The Easy Way | Digital Inspiration

How To Embed Practially Anything On Your Blog Or Website | Mashable

How To Raise Your Klout Score | Don’t Drink The Kool-Aid Blog

TIME FOR PEOPLE TO EAT CROW: The New York Times’ Paywall Is Working! | Business Insider

Let’s Just Bury The Nightside Copy Desk | Yelvington

Ruling Or No, Always Ask Permission Before Re-Using Images On The Social Web | Zombie Journalism

Lastly, a bit of a personal crusade of mine — a story I think ought to be given more attention: What happens to Anthony Weiner’s staff, now that he’s resigned? (Politico.)

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