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Check Out Forbes’ Story Page Redesign

If you haven’t checked out Forbes’ attempt to revamp the story page as we know it, you should. I don’t know if it’s as revolutionary as they describe it, but they certainly have put some thought into their pages beyond “this is what story pages are supposed to look like”:

It’s a little busier than Gawker’s redesign but less busy than TechCrunch’s. I don’t know what that means in terms of good/bad. I’m on a minimalist kick lately, and I don’t often comment, and I cut-and-paste when I share stuff (as opposed to using widgets), so for me, Gawker rules the three. But I’ve always been a fan of Forbes’ 36-point (or whatever) Times New Roman font and other big-text-ish design.

Here are screenshots from Gawker and TechCrunch, for example’s sake:

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