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Check Out My Interview With Jenni Hogan

Image of Jenni HoganI have a new post up on Lost Remote today, in which I interview my coworker Jenni Hogan.

This was a really cool interview because (a) I found out a lot of things about Jenni that I didn’t know before (she kept an Excel spreadsheet of all the people she met?!?!) and (b) I ended up feeling like I learned a lot about social media (“my feed is all about what it’s like to be me. If I’m covering a story, then they’re going to get information on that story, but it’ll be through my eyes and emotions”).

Reporters don’t often get to interview people they know, and for selfish reasons, I’d love to keep doing posts like this and finding things out about all my friends.

Anyway, head over and read the post. It’s a Q&A, so it’s more about Jenni’s answers than my writing anyway, and I swear you’ll pick up some great insights while you read it.

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