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Trying to inspire my writing via a home office redesign

An image of my home officeThis is where I’m blogging from right now, and where I blog from usually. It’s my home office. It’s sad.

My wife and I moved into our first house in May and the upstairs is my little area, which hasn’t really been tended to yet.

I know absolute jack-all-squat about making a room look good, but I do want to spruce up this area a bit, because sometimes, my writing feels like this space — dull, temporary and unsure of where to go. I’d like to have an area that inspires me a bit more, or at least speaks to the kind of work that’s being done in it.

I’m gathering information from blogs and Google searches and clipping it to Pinterest, and hopefully, I’ll have a post up sometime in the next few months of what the new space looks like.

If you guys know of any cheap (I’m on a tight budget) or DIY ways to make a room look better, or just have some good, basic tips so I don’t make things worse than they are, drop a comment here or shoot me a message on Twitter.

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  • Dakota Solberg

    First step: you need a more comfortable chair…

  • Actually, that chair’s pretty cozy, though it would be nice to have one with arms. I’m keeping a lookout for good office stuff at the Goodwill and other thrift shops.