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Into some light reading? Help me clear out my Instapaper queue

An image of some brooms

velo_city / Flickr

If you’re like me, you bookmark way too many pages for later reading each week than you actually have time for. I use Instapaper for said over-bookmarking.

Just because I can’t read everything, though, doesn’t mean you can’t, and if you find anything particularly interesting at any of these links, I’d love if you’d come back and leave a comment to let me know.

I’ve done this once before — offered up my Instapaper items — and I’m thinking of making it a regular Friday thing. Let me know if you’re into that in the comments. (Note: This week’s cache is actually an accumulation of the last several weeks.)

Without further ado…

Flickr photos I almost used in blog posts

Self help




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  • ImeldaDulcich

    I’m particularly drawn to self help areas in media, PR and social media and I love the curiosities.  Most of the other material I find on my reader or on threads throughout the day.  By the way as far as self help – have you tried Reppler?   Maybe you led me to it….great for daily clean up of my online presence.  

    Off to look at the curiosities section.  Have a great weekend! 

  • Sounds cool! Checking it out now….

  • Update:  This thing is awesome. Thank you :)