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MLB mounts effort to get reporters to dress better

Image of a man adjusting his tie

Source: kurichan+ / Flickr

Major League Baseball has become the first professional sports league to institute a dress code for members of the media. Which makes sense. Anyone who’s ever worked as a reporter for a while has seen those other reporters who show up to, well, just about anything, wearing clothing that looks like it should have been donated or burned after college.

The AP breaks down MLB’s rationale:

“This is not in response to any single incident,” MLB spokesman Pat Courtney said Tuesday.

However, baseball was aware of the flap caused in the NFL when a Mexican TV reporter drew unwanted attention at the New York Jets’ training camp in September 2010 and it formed a committee of executives and media representatives to work on guidelines.

The panel included female and Latin reporters and there was input from team trainers, who had health concerns about flip-flops in clubhouses and bare feet possibly spreading infections. Such footwear is no longer permitted.

The skimpy attire worn by some of the TV reporters covering the Marlins in Miami drew particular scrutiny.

It’s a pretty sad state of affairs when MLB feels the need to tell its press pools to dress appropriately. My only advice here is to not be one of those people, and if you are, stop what you’re doing right now and go buy a few staple items to get you through the work week. Put This On can help you out if you’re a guy (I’m completely in the dark about women’s style blogs, but the PTO guys might know someone who knows someone).

One last thing: Flip-flops are OK to wear — if you’re at the beach. Otherwise, no, not anywhere else, not ever. Not at work, not to the grocery store, not in an MLB clubhouse. Jesus Christ.

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