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Why Google Voice is a better phone service for just about anyone

Image of an old fashioned telephone

Source: Rev Dan Catt / Flickr

If you’ve ever been annoyed by things like:

  • I lost my phone and now I have to tell everyone about my new number!
  • I miss calls at work when I’m away from the office.
  • I don’t want to carry around three different phones.
  • I’m sick of getting called at all hours of the night!

…then you need Google Voice.

Google recently made the service available to anyone with a Google account, and Matthew Keys has a post up today that covers everything that’s awesome about it, as well as the few things it doesn’t do (MMS and block your number for outgoing calls). He frames it in terms of how journalists can use Google Voice, but just replace that word with “professionals” or “people” and you’ll see why it’s so useful.

I’ve had Google Voice since 2009, and while I haven’t used it a ton, I have found it useful on the occasions when I’ve been forced to give out my phone number for whatever reason to a stranger or in some online form. If that wasn’t enough, the visual voicemail — Google Voice can display your voicemails in text format and have them delivered straight to your email — while imperfect, is sometimes useful and often hilarious.

The one thing I’ve found a little annoying is that, when I originally signed up, there were no 206 area code numbers available (206 is the code for the greater Seattle area) and I’ve been stuck with a 253 (the area south of Seattle where I grew up) ever since. I can change it for a one-time $10 fee, but.

That’s just one minor gripe, however. Google Voice is great, and you should check out Matthew’s post and start tinkering with Google Voice immediately afterward.

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