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Delicious: Now more Pinterest-y

What? Delicious was redesigned again? It’s true, ReadWriteWeb reports, and it’s almost a complete knockoff:

I still use Delicious to save all my bookmarks, despite the fact that RWW says “tech geeks are pretty much over it.” I really don’t care about how Delicious looks or the fact that it doesn’t have RSS feeds anymore. You can go browse my links if you want, but I’ve always used Delicious for what it says it is: a social bookmarking site. It’s a personal reference for me, a there-if-you-want-it page for others and as long as I can find what I’m looking for later on, I really don’t care if it looks like Pinterest or the Drudge Report.

I’m sure that’s not what Delicious wants to hear — I’m sure they’d prefer that their site become a get-lost-in-it-for-hours discovery tool like Pinterest — but it’s up to Delicious’ user base to decide what to do with it. We’ll see where they (we) take it now that the new, new look is in the wild.

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