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My 2.011 most-popular posts of 2011

Image of stylized text reading '2011'

Source: iUnique FX / Flickr

These were the 2.011 most-popular posts on my blog in 2011:

Publish 2 May Have Just Solved The Web-Print Publishing Problem

No on TwitPic and yFrog


As a bonus, here are the following 8.989 most-popular posts this year, to make an even 11:

p-By-Step: How To Take Great Instagram Photos

Audience Responsibility In Relation To Weather Reports

What’s On Your iPhone Home Page?

What Canlis’ Valet Parking Can Teach You About Social Media

What Steve Jobs’ Personal Style Can Teach Us About Branding

Protip For Journalists: Find Something More Important Than Journalism

I Think The New York Times Paywall Just Appeared

Here’s Who Really Owns Your Photos

The Importance Of Fiction

Thanks to all of you who regularly visit this site. I really appreciate having people to write for, and I’m looking forward to writing more in 2012.

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